An Eastern Mediterranean restaurant and bar located in the heart of Shoreditch with menus inspired by the flavours of the Levant cooked over wood fire. The restaurant seamlessly blends the vibrant heritage and modern-day creativity of East London, through its thoughtfully designed elements which encapsulates the areas rich industrial and artisan history.


London - UK

A cocktail bar in the heart of Shoreditch serving barrel aged cocktails, bar food with Levantine flavours, backgammon boards, cold beers and Turkish coffee with a rotating roster of vinyl DJs playing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.


London - UK

The Mosh restaurant was designed following the latest trends of the most cutting-edge locations such as New York, Moscow, and London. It mixes industrial style with vegetation and warm decoration to create an atmosphere of comfort, harmony and fun that has become renowned in Marbella. The most charismatic elements are the concrete with wooden form work to the facade and aged brick in copper. An arcade presides over the main entrance as a walkway and is covered with climbing plants and Jasmine providing both an aroma and lighting that creates fantastic visual effects. 


Marbella - Spain